Tips on what to do if you’re being bullied

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More Resources for Anti-Bullying

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Tips on handling bullying

Great advice on what to do to deal with bullying.

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New resource on bullying and it’s effects

Here is an informative article on bullying and it’s effects.

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FREE Dotsie Bug Coloring Page

New FREE Dotsie Bug Coloring Page for kids. Click on image below to download:
or click HERE to go to’s FunStuff:

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Being very different

Supatra is an 11 year old girl in Bankok, Thailand who has just made the Guinness World Record book. She won the award for being different, very unique. She has been awarded “The World’s Hairiest Girl”. You see she has a rare condition that is called Ambras syndrome which causes uncontrollable hair growth over the face.

But Supatra is happy about making the Guinness World record because she has become more popular, more accepted resulting from it. Being different can be very difficult, but often times there may be a silver lining.

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Dotsie Bug Trailer by TateOutLoud

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New Resources and Info

Here are some really good resources for anti-bullying information, videos and other resources. We are all “diverse”, different in our own way for many reasons but there is NO reason we can’t peacefully get along if we treat each other equally with respect. Some children and adults have no real observable differences except for hair & eye color, others are very obviously different. God made us all, so why are we ridiculing and disrespecting His designs?

Below are some great links and are helpful whether you, your son or daughter is being bullied. Whether as a little child, teen or because they are handicapped in some way.

Vive la difference!

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Hero in the Hallway!

This is a wonderful positive video made by students for students.
Empowering students to prevent violence in schools. Created by students (Kyle Barrett: University of Illinois and Bobby Barrett: Cary Grove High School) for students.

(Music Courtesy of Atlantic Records and Simple Plan)

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How reading to your children is great!

Reading to your children as soon as you can, even when they are babies, helps them not only bond to you but it helps them with phonics and object recognition as they look at the pictures and words. There is a great deal of research out there but much of the sources insist that early reading helps children excel in school. So grab a book and enjoy reading to your child or grandchild!

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