Being very different

Supatra is an 11 year old girl in Bankok, Thailand who has just made the Guinness World Record book. She won the award for being different, very unique. She has been awarded “The World’s Hairiest Girl”. You see she has a rare condition that is called Ambras syndrome which causes uncontrollable hair growth over the face.

But Supatra is happy about making the Guinness World record because she has become more popular, more accepted resulting from it. Being different can be very difficult, but often times there may be a silver lining.

About Dotsie Bug

By a glorious twist of fate, Susan Sowers turned her long career as a visual creative professional to a literary expression in order to encourage her daughter that everyone is unique by divine design. Historically Sowers used her design and animation skills to tell stories visually, but chose to write about this story. "Dotsie Bug Finds Her Purpose" is a tale of a unique little ladybug who feels she was a mistake. Susan Sowers has worked on Barney and Francesco's Friendly World, as well as for Fox News, Fox Sports, NBC, and ABC. She has enjoyed teaching computers to preschoolers and still loves to play with Playdoh.
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